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Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten



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Transitional Kindergarten Students

Transitional Kindergarten students will learn…

Math: numbers, shapes, and problem solving skills

Language Skills: how to effectively communicate, use new vocabulary, and follow simple directions

Reading Skills: alphabet letters and sounds, rhyming, how to listen for sounds and read simple words

Comprehension:  how to ask and answer questions from books read aloud, sequence a story using pictures

Writing:  how to hold a pencil correctly, form letters, and draw pictures to tell a story

Social Emotional Learning: to manage emotions, share with others, and take initiative in learning new things

Kindergarten Students

Kindergarten students will learn…

Math: number sense through counting and comparing, adding and subtracting, shapes, measurement, and applying mathematical understanding to new situations in order to solve problems

Listening and Speaking: how to participate in collaborative conversations while expressing thoughts, ideas, and feelings; to ask and answer questions; and follow multi-step directions

Reading Skills: the relationship between letters and sounds and apply those skills when reading simple books and words with 3 or 4 sounds 

Listening Comprehension: to make meaning from what is read aloud, including naming the characters, setting, problem/resolution in fiction and main idea and details in nonfiction

Writing:  basic writing skills to write stories, opinions, and informational pieces using details and newly learned vocabulary

Social Emotional Skills: how to develop positive and healthy relationships, find solutions to problems, make good choices, and strategies to express emotions in helpful ways

Early Learning Enrollment Options

Locate your child’s birthday within the range of dates to learn about program age eligibility in Long Beach Unified School District. Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten are full-day programs, 6-hours, five days a week.

Range of Birth Dates Program Eligibility School Year
9/2/17 - 9/1/18 Kindergarten  2023-2024
9/2/18 - 4/2/19 Transitional Kindergarten 2023-2024
4/3/19 and later CDC & Head Start 2023-2024
9/2/18 - 9/1/19 Kindergarten 2024-2025
9/2/19 - 6/2/20 Transitional Kindergarten 2024-2025
6/3/20 and later CDC & Head Start 2024-2025
9/2/19 - 9/1/20 Kindergarten 2025-2026
9/2/20 - 9/1/21 Transitional Kindergarten 2025-2026
9/2/21 and later CDC & Head Start 2025-2026